Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency astronaut Aki Hoshide (2012)

Update to the website

The website has been updated. Actually, it’s been rebuilt. On the surface, you may not notice any changes, but the website is entirely new.

It should be faster to load, and overall work a little better than before.

The change was necessary because the old site ran into serious technical troubles. It kept breaking. The work of repairing it took a great deal of time, and it was frustrating me to no end. I couldn’t keep up with it any more.

So what does this mean for you? Well, that I’ll be able to dedicate my time to writing and research instead of working to fix technical issues. These problems have slowed me down and contributed to a serious drop in the number of published articles. No longer!

You would likely not have realised that the site was broken since the front-end was still displaying. However, the back-end administrative functions were breaking with each update to the underlying software.

For example, the newsletter was no longer functioning, so subscribers weren’t able to receive updates without major tweaks and repairs from me.

I think and hope that the new setup is far more stable and robust.

I’ve kept to the look and feel of the old site. However, you may notice some minor changes.  It’s still fresh, so there may be bugs and errors. These would be caused by the migration from one website architecture to an entirely different one. If you find any errors, do let me know and I’ll make adjustments.

There are yet some small steps to complete, such as reintroducing the site’s particular font, to make reading easier on the eyes. These will come in time.

I’ve not here shared the detailed technical specifications of the website, for the sake of brevity. However, I’m open to that for the curious and interested. You can also have any of the code used here, just ask me and I’ll share it with you if that’s your wish.

There’s an important reason for why I’ve spent such time to build my own website elements instead of using the templates and services commonly deployed (such as hosting on Medium, using Google Analytics to track readership, or even using some of the most popular social media sharing buttons). I’ve built the site in such a way as to respect privacy and avoid sharing too much data with private entities that span the breadth of the Net and are therefore in possession of amassed information on Net traffic.

I hope the site serves you well, technically and intellectually.

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