Why We Fight, a seven part film serial.

The Battle of Russia: film screening and discussion

// UPDATE: See the film and read my introduction to it on this site, here. //

For those who are going to be in or near Vienna, I’m happy to say that I’ll be introducing the screening of a film. The event is hosted by Vox Libri.

I’ll update this page as more details are made available. See below for more information:

The Battle of Russia: Film screening and discussion

Friday 7 June, 19:00 – 20:30

At Vox Libri

Jörgerstr. 26, 1170 Wien

English language film and discussion

Join us for the screening of a political propaganda film produced by the United States military, celebrating the freedom, morality, and fighting will of the Soviet Union. The film is part of a World War II era series directed by highly awarded US directors Frank Capra and Anatole Litvak, serving directly under chief of staff George C. Marshall (of the Marshall Plan).

The film represents the Soviet people as an obvious and natural ally to the similarly freedom-loving people of the US.

Released in 1943, “The Battle of Russia” is part of a “Why We Fight” World War II propaganda series. It proved a success and was shown to wide public audiences. It was made to influence the minds and hearts of the US military and citizenry, and called on them to match the explicit heroism of a Soviet people fighting against occupation and oppression.

Please join us for a screening of Part 1 of “The Battle of Russia”, preceded by a brief introduction to contextualise it, and followed by open and general discussion.

The event is hosted by Vox Libri (see this excellent café’s homepage the event’s facebook invite);
and presented by Nima Maleki

// UPDATE: See the film and read my introduction to it on this site, here. //

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