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Authenticy and artistry in film making

Authors (myself included) select, consolidate, fragment, and redistribute information. Cultural practices relate people and ideas, and they can provide for a unified sketch of our perceived reality.

Film making can serve this very role, speaking to and also assembling our cultural norms and myths.

In light of the public presentation I gave last week, and the related post I published here on propaganda, I think that it’s interesting and fun to watch a couple of videos here.

The first one is a short video by Alfred Hitchcock on the theories of montage and editing that he uses. The second is a comic video play about authenticy and truth in theatre.

Since I’m traveling, I haven’t the time to write the usual detailed article. But I think these videos make for great viewing.

Hitchcock’s theories of film making

Philosophy Tube’s play on truth, authenticity and the audience

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